What is Trauma Mapping ?

We use trauma mapping to learn how trauma effects your body, emotions, and relationships

We use a "trauma map" to assist patients in understanding how trauma is affecting their emotional reality, physical sensations, somatic feelings, posture, communication style, worldview, and unconscious reactions. We conceptualize trauma as a "stuck" memory that patients involuntarily re-experience emotionally, physically, and cognitively. Often the parts of this traumatic re-experiencing are unconscious and mapping allows the patient to understand all the parts of the traumatic experience.  Trauma mapping allows for thorough identification and processing of the traumatic memory. 



What is Somatic Therapy?

Somatic therapy locates and releases the places our nervous system stores traumatic memories in the body.


Traumatic incidents often affect our posture, movement and muscle tension unconsciously. Learning how we experiencing emotion physically helps us to recognize and regulate emotional experience.  Additionally recognizing the somatic experience of emotion can assist in the relief of chronic tension, anger, and pain. Somatic therapies involve using mindful awareness of the body to assist patients in reducing physical and cognitive symptoms. 

PTSD and Trauma
Trauma and Stress