I provide paid consultations to writers and screenwriters on the psychological accuracy of the characters they create. This consultation can be either a thorough review and notations on an existing draft of fiction, or a research meeting to draft characters and build realistic backstory. 

I work with many writers and creative people as a therapist and have been fascinated with the structure of story and the human condition since I was a child. It is interesting to me that writing often comes from an unconscious space that even authors themselves imperfectly understand. This process can be exciting but it can also be frustrating. Often I am able to help writers reconnect with the larger picture of the stories they are trying to tell. 

Consider how the following psychological dynamics could enrich your fiction:

  • How does trauma change the personality and the way we see the world? Trauma tropes like flashbacks are remarkable common in fiction and remarkably uncommon in the real world. 

  • Why do certain personality types and disorders run in families? 

  • Why do the personality types exist? How does each see the world and communicate differently What family dynamics that would create each type? 

  • What do different medical disorders like dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality disorder) repressed memories, and schizophrenia actually look like? How are they treated and what causes them? 

  • What are the various "sub-personalities" that tell us our inner monologue? Where do we get them and how are they different?

  • What are the somatic or bodily feelings that stress, trauma would cause in different types of personalities?

  • Do your characters intentionally or unintentionally resemble archetypes from myth or history?

  • What is the Hero's Journey (Monomyth) archetypal structure, and how can it help guide my story?

  • How does psychiatric treatment take place in hospitals, therapy rooms, and group programs? 

  • What are the most common ethical and legal lapses of therapists and medical professionals?

  • What is your character's shadow? What is the information their ego does not allow them to know about themselves?

I have had a life long interest in human nature which began long before I was a therapist. This fascination led me to study mythology, world religions, depth psychology, philosophy, ancient history, cultural anthropology as well as the history and philosophy psychotherapy practice. I received a BA in comparative religion from Sewanee: The University of the South and a Master's in Social Work with adults and families from The University of Alabama.  Across my 10 year career I have run a youth program for adolescents, worked with geriatric memory care patients, and worked with a community mental health program in service of chronically homeless patients with schizophrenia and severe mental illness. 

Let me use my diversity of personal and professional experience to to help you reconnect with your creativity and tell your stories. 

If you are interested in a psychological fiction consultation, send me an email.

The initial phone consultation is free!

 I offer in office therapy sessions as well as teletherapy sessions.

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