What is Depth Psychology?

Where do you find Jungian therapy in Birmingham, Alabama?

Jungian psychology teaches us to make contact with the deepest parts of the self. 

There is a dormant “acorn” in each of us. Our “acorn” knows exactly what kind of oak it wants to be but needs sunlight, water, and soil to continue becoming an oak tree. We are supposed to listen to our acorn across the life journey but most people stop at some point. Many people will die a sapling, never having discovered what it was they were supposed to become. We often become too scared, too overwhelmed or too resigned at some point in life to listen to our acorns. 


Depth psychology involves analyzing the deep structure of the unconscious mind and reconnecting with the forces that make us "us". It is an analysis of our own inner journey and sense of self. 





Shadow Work 

Shadow work involves looking at the most unconscious parts of our self that scare us most in order to heal them. 

Shadow work allows us to discover and integrate the parts of ourselves that we are the most out of touch with. Often these are the parts of ourselves that we are the most ashamed and scared of. Underneath the most feared and despised parts of ourselves is an ignored and vulnerable part of ourselves that needs compassion and love. 

Shadow work requires radical self acceptance. It forces us to face who we really are and what we fear becoming. However it allows us to reconnect with the parts of ourselves we have turned off and ignored. Without facing the shadow we project it onto events in our lives and onto other people. By integrating the shadow we become more whole and alive.