Free Resources for Therapists

These resources are intended to help therapists learn and develop new skills. They integrate many CBT, DBT, jungian and existential techniques. They are free for private practice use with individual patients. 

My Youtube features resources for trauma therapists and patients alike. I often discuss, panic, PTSD and dissociation. If you would like to see a video on a particular topic, send me an email. 

Jungian growth and reflection worksheet. 

Fast interventions for panic and dissociation

An exercise to be used for guided meditation or EMDR resourcing

A worksheet on emotion recognition, regulation, and deep emotional processing. 

Personality sorter for Jungian archetypes.
This helps clients identify strengths, weaknesses and somatic responses. 

Career counseling and life planning sheet for therapists 

A script for exit interview, termination and assesment of clienst. 

A script for analysis of panic and phobia using tools from archetypal psychology

A transactional analysis excercise for communication

Somatic emotion recognition and recognition exercise - Part 1  

Somatic emotion recognition and recognition exercise - Part 2  

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"The wound is the place the light enters you."