Taproot Therapy is in Birmingham Alabama, but we want you to get better no matter where you are. 

These are self help resources for working with PTSD, panic, dissociation, shadow work, trauma, or anxiety.  


Please be advised that self help is no substitute for a skilled therapist. These materials are not meant to treat any psychiatric condition. 

This is a body-scan meditation that I use in therapy. Enough of my patients asked to record it on their phones that I decided to record it myself. 

Gestalt emotion recognition and regulation training.

Part 1 and 2.

This are some questions for personality development, personal growth, and life reflection. 

Interventions for panic, dissociation, and denationalization. 

Information for understanding the parts of your personality and their development. 

A career and life planning worksheet.
These work sheets are free for individual, personal and nonprofit use. For groups and programs please inquire for rates. 

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