EMDR and Brainspotting for Trauma and PTSD

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Brainspotting is a revolutionary new trauma processing tool. I am trained in Brainspotting Phase 1 and 2. Brainspotting allows patients to experience all the ways that trauma is stored in the body and in the mind. Brainspotting is a trauma therapy that uses eye position to help a patient process and understand trauma stored in the body and in the deep emotional brain. It is based on the latest neuroscience available and is one of the newer treatments for PTSD. It works faster than other modalities and processes the effect of trauma, especially somatic reactions to trauma more deeply. It is the best therapy for complex PTSD that I have ever found. 


EMDR is a therapy technique that uses eye movement to help the brain process and heal from traumatic events. I have received training and supervision in EMDR and have experience using EMDR with great success in trauma and complex PTSD patient populations. 

 I offer in office therapy sessions as well as teletherapy sessions.

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