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I always knew that I wanted to be a psychotherapist. When I left graduate school I was frustrated with how many clinical skills that I knew I would need for private practice that I had not gotten in graduate school. I was lucky to find wonderful mentors, clinical training, and resources that taught me the skills to make it in private practice. This process took a lot of time and money!

I want to create a supervision group that provides you with all of the resources, education, and professional direction that I wish someone had given me early in my career. Annually I accept applications for a supervision group run conjointly with myself and another social worker. It is the intention of this group to prepare you for whatever your career goals are. We will cover a wide range of skills and information about the technique, history and ethics of psychotherapy. 

The following will be a part of group supervision with us:

  • We will cover different therapy styles and modalities. You will learn the basics and learn when and where they are appropriate and effective. 

  • We will bring in experts  from our professional network to speak on specialty topics.

  • We will help you with career planning so that you can identify the best opportunities for professional development and land your dream job. 

  • We will be on call to assist with ethical and professional dilemmas you encounter in your work. 

  • We will help you explore the field of therapy and ​discover the kind of therapist that you want to be. Remember, the best gift you can give the client is your authentic self, and you can only take patients as far as you have taken yourself. 

I am a licensed for private independent practice as a social worker in Alabama. I cannot supervise other types of licensure or social workers out of state. These groups are intended to assist highly motivated and an passionate social workers who want to make a difference. Not all applications will not be accepted. 

 I offer in office therapy sessions as well as teletherapy sessions.

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